Bacon Egg McMuffin

Continuing on my breakfast cup recipes, I recently tackled Bacon Egg McMuffin cups.  English muffin + bacon + egg = Yum.

The English muffin develops a nice crispy exterior similar to if you had toasted it. The bacon doesn’t quite wrap around the entire muffin, but it does seem to fit right inside the muffin cup. Inside the crispy bacon wrap is the egg. I used the oversized Texas muffin molds for these in order to fit the entire English muffin halves. Of course if you don’t have oversized muffin molds you can circles out of the English muffins to have them fit a regular muffin pan. These were a cinch to put together. It is even easier than the Sausage McMuffin cups I previously made because for those I had to cut out part of the sausage to fit the egg in.



3 English muffins
6 eggs
6 slices precooked bacon (I use the packs sold at Costco)


1. Preheat oven to 375F. Grease an oversized muffin pan. If you only have a regular sized pan, you will need to cut the English muffins to fit the pan. But they should fit in an oversized pan. Place half of an English muffin into each mold, squishing it down to the bottom.
2. Wrap the bacon around. It should line the inside of the English muffin. Then crack an egg inside the bacon.
3. Bake for 15-20 minutes until egg white is completely cooked. Serve while warm.

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