Masala Dosa / Rice Pancake with Potato Filling


When in Southern India I ate Masala Dosa every morning for breakfast. Dosa are crispy rice and lentil based pancakes filled with varying flavours of masala. Most commonly, the pancake would feature a mild potato masala but one one occasion I sampled this delicious mushroom filling. This home version matched the taste very well indeed – fragrant and earthy.

I would say my dosa making skills may require some refining but on the whole this dish was spot on for flavour. Making dosa batter mix does require some faffing, so an instant batter mix is a good labour saving option. You can find them in all Indian specialist shops. The delicious chutney to accompany the dosa is essential. It requires freshly grated coconut – thankfully I can buy mine at the Sydney markets, but there are some good frozen options around for convenience. That said, if you’re up for the challenge – get yourself a fresh coconut and make a morning of it! The results are incredibly moreish!


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