Open Faced Grilled Cheese Benedict Recipe – Tillamook

Raclettes are traditionally served with potatoes, salty pickles, pickled onions and dried meat. Canadian Raclettes can also be enjoyed in fondues. On a simpler note, it adds character to grilled-cheese sandwiches, salads and pasta or legume dishes. In a tasting, this cheese won’t go unnoticed!

Natural cheeses can generally be divided into four different groups – fresh or un-ripened, and ripened, soft and semi-soft, semi-hard to hard and very hard.  Knowing this distinction can be handy for a couple of reasons.

First, generally the longer a cheese has been ripened, the firmer it is and the longer the cheese will keep.  Fresh cheese which hasn’t been ripened should generally be used within a week or two whereas a hard cheese like Parmesan can keep for months.

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