Your Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Dinner!

• Have your past Thanksgiving dinners been laughable disasters?

• Have you ever become slightly ill or made silly excuses when asked to prepare Thanksgiving dinner?

• Have you ever been the recipient of shameless laughter and quiet snickers behind your back at your Thanksgiving table?

• Does your spouse beg you to give the humongous amount of leftovers to the neighbors but they “accidentally” forget to take them?

• Do your three kids pretend to have the 24-hour flu and stay in bed through Thanksgiving dinner (eating their secret stash of potato chips, apples, cuties, and Frito’s)?

• What if you could learn to prepare scrumptious Thanksgiving recipes that will guarantee that you’ll receive compliments galore?

• Your husband and children will rush to the dinner table!

• Your guests will (almost) forget to say grace while filling up their plates!

• You’ll impress even the most judgmental guests (like your in-laws)!

• You’ll always be confident around Thanksgiving that your dinner will be memorable (not shameful and forgettable)!

• Your boyfriend or girlfriend will be sooo impressed with your fabulous dinner that they’ll ask you to marry them!

• All newlyweds can prepare their first Thanksgiving dinner party with total confidence!

• There are Step-By-Step WRITTEN & PHOTO instructions for every step — the grocery list, the equipment list — everything! C’mon folks — let’s do this!





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